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I am a yoga teacher, an empath mastery coach and the co-founder of two immersive self-discovery programs for women

I’m passionate about the kind of deep inner-work that truly makes lasting change in the world, because I know that when we heal individually we help to evolve the paradigm of separation and mend the collective wounds of the past.

In moving through our greatest struggles, we discover our unique gifts and divine purpose for the world and when we rise, we do so for all those who have suffered before us.

We must do this courageous work ourselves, but we cannot do it alone.

With support I believe that we all have the power to transform our pain, challenges and trauma into something beautiful. 

We can make that choice in every moment.

Thank you for being here with me.

With love,

Uma x

work with me


1-1 coaching & counsel

bespoke coaching and counsel for highly-sensitive women

I work with women who have lost self-belief and trust; who feel unworthy, insecure, overwhelmed, too sensitive and “too much”. My work is to give you a sacred and safe space to move through crisis, to remember who you are and to fulfil your life’s deeper purpose with grace, calm and ease. 

As an empathic woman myself who feels the suffering of others intimately, I understand that it can sometimes feel overwhelming, even unbearable to live in this world. There is so much suffering, so much contradiction, so much out of balance and so much hurt we cause one another. 

I have overcome personal and ancestral trauma, crippling physical, emotional and mental illness and my own dark-nights-of-the-soul. I know how to navigate crisis, the many mysteries of life and find the blessings from difficult times. I know how to come out the other side.

I believe that when we feel deeply, we heal completely.

If you feel everything intensely then you carry a medicine for the world: a heartfelt presence, emotional receptivity and wisdom that is needed more than ever. I believe that highly sensitive beings have unique gifts: a divine mission and a voice that needs to be heard. You see what others avoid; you feel what is under the surface; you understand the vulnerabilities of our shared humanity and the courage it takes to wake up.

It is your compassion, insight and capacity to feel that makes you are a natural born healer, a creative force of love, and a visionary for the future we long for.

I am here to support you in that remembrance.

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the path of yoga

Created for teachers, practitioners and anyone ready to learn more about Yoga and themselves, this program has been designed to foster radical self-care, self-love and self-understanding.

The 6-month program is composed of weekend-long experiential workshops in Zurich, in-depth online study & ongoing group mentorship. We dive into the teachings of Yoga and integrate philosophies, practices and tools into everyday life to refine, elevate and nourish your being.

Our mission is to empower and support you in honouring and integrating ancient wisdom, with your own personal gifts and insight in the modern world.

We believe that you are the teacher, the healer and the leader you have been waiting for. Next Course: November 29 2019 - May 10 2020



Weave is a unique, year-long online journey for womankind. Weaving together well-being practices, seasonal insights and self-enquiry, our highest intention is to serve your creativity as an individual and collectively as a living community.

What does it mean to be a woman? What is it that you dream of creating? How do you feel connected? The Weave Woman knows that the answers lie within. Her greatest power is in her relationship to herself.

We intentionally follow the rhythms of Nature and provide you month by month with a dedicated workbook including ritual, body practices, meditation, voice-healing tools and relevant teachings to support your process.

Weave begins in October 2019 and will run until 2020. Our new website launches soon on May 18 2019.

Stay Tuned!


upcoming events


Looking in with love

Join Uma Elizabeth Knight for this in-depth, experiential workshop to explore the sub-terranean layers of your being and what is most important for you to move forward. You can expect nourishing and mindful movement, breath-work and mantra as well as self-inquiry and journaling. 


monthly chanting

Join us for group Kirtan co-led by Uma & Faye Riches. Chanting is a transformational and healing practice using the power of singing, sound, music and mantras. Physiologically, it recalibrates our nervous system, it improves our cardiovascular system and it releases feel-good hormones.


creation celebration

Join Adrianna and Uma, the collaborative force behind Weave: the year-long online journey for women. This immersive day retreat is an opportunity to gather, celebrate and connect in sisterhood, and a chance to explore what it means to be a creative woman today.


practice with me

classes, workshops & retreats

join me at my weekly classes in london and find out about my upcoming offerings


We heal by the grace of our own soul.

our greatest wounds can become our greatest healing & blessings for the world.