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bespoke SOUL GUIDANCE for highly sensitive, intuitive women on the path of healing

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to my life’s work.

Whether you are experiencing crisis, inner turmoil, old patterns repeating themselves, overwhelm, unexplained illness, low self-esteem, daily fatigue, depression or the depths of despair, I am here to support you.

I believe that it is possible to transform whatever it is holding you back.

Our challenges are our doorways into a more awakened life, filled with greater awareness, love and joy.

We are called by our future selves to remember all we know we can be.

I believe you are more powerful than you think.

We each have a divine purpose and with support, we can alchemise our greatest pain into something beautiful.

We must do this courageous work ourselves, but we cannot do it alone.




My life would be very different had I not had the support and presence of those who truly understood. 


I have navigated my own dark-nights of the soul; my own trauma and disease and like you I have struggled living in this world; struggled to understand my place in it and questioned whether I am capable to carry on.

I know what despair feels like.

Because I have been through my own woundings and struggles and because I continue to do my inner work, I know how to support you as you walk through yours. 

It is my life’s mission to support soulful, heart-centered women like you, because I know how much healing and positive impact you can create for the world.




  • A defined sense of purpose, self-worth and fulfilment in the world.

  • An inner confidence and feeling of ease and calm.

  • A feeling of trust in the Universe and that life is unfolding for your highest good. 

  • An ability to greet change and difficulty with open arms and a courageous heart. 

  • A feeling of flow, abundance and adaptability.

  • Daily joy, gratitude and creative expression.

  • Openness to the magic, wonder and beauty of Life.

  • A sense of fun, adventure and curiosity in the unexpected. 

  • A feeling of vitality, radiance and daily well-being. 

  • A feeling of being connected to the greater rhythms of Nature.

  • A feeling of being seen, understood and valued.


“I have always felt an effortless ease with Uma, a woman who’s counsel and compassion I treasure and value immensely. She offers a uniquely intuitive wisdom that only years of deep inner work can provide. She is a truly gifted guide, utilising her vast array of experiences and innate energetic skills to hold space. As a highly sensitive and empathic person I am acutely aware of my insecurities and vulnerabilities, and there isn’t anyone I would trust more than Uma to help me navigate this challenging terrain.”

EL, Vancouver



One to One: 3 month premium support package


Option 1: 3 monthly instalments
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Option 1: 3 monthly instalments
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Option 2: one off payment
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Option 2: one off payment
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What’s included:

  • 12 weekly 60 minute calls online or in person at my home in London

  • Ongoing integration, bespoke practices, accountability and support: online and via email and text



My role is to be a loving witness, reflecting back the wisdom that already lives inside of you. 

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Once the coaching package is booked and paid for, new clients receive and fill out an assessment form and coaching agreement. When these are returned via email, we schedule our sessions together and dive in to the healing process.

Each 60 minute appointment is either by Zoom or upon request, they can be in person at my home in South London. After each session you receive detailed feedback, bespoke practices and integration work.

My approach and methodology is tailored to the individual women I work with. Whilst I use tried and tested strategy and tools where appropriate, every session is unique and responds to where you are. 

All sessions are completely confidential and held in a non-hierarchical, non-judgemental way.

My greatest wish is simply for you to know your worth, and love your life again.

I only work with women who are truly ready to step up and do this work. 

It is not always easy or comfortable and it requires commitment and courage. 

Are you ready to receive support and create lasting change in your life?