My name is Uma.

I am a Yoga Teacher, a Coach and the Co-Creator of two in-depth, self-discovery programs for women.


As a teacher I facilitate conscious movement, meditation, breath-work and chanting weekly in two beautiful studios in London. My intention is to offer heartfelt experiences that bring us all into a deeper relationship and connection with that which matters most.


As a Coach I offer counsel and guidance to highly-sensitive, empathic women, supporting them to fulfil their life’s purpose with greater confidence, calm and ease.

I am passionate about uplifting those who feel unworthy, overwhelmed, “too much” and “too sensitive” — because I know that place and I know how to transform self-limiting beliefs; end the legacy of self-doubt and find the spiritual meaning from crisis, trauma, challenge and struggle.

We each have a divine purpose and from our greatest difficulties, we can create something beautiful for the world.

When we feel deeply, we heal completely.

The doors to the world of the wild Self are few but precious. If you have a deep scar, that is a door, if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door.” 
— Clarissa Pinkola Estés