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Thank you so much for being here.

I am a Coach, a yoga teacher and a Songstress.

I am passionate about the kind of deep inner-work that makes lasting change in the world, because I know that when we heal individually, transforming our limiting beliefs and trauma, we help to evolve the paradigm of separation and mend the collective wounds of the past.

At the heart of my own journey so far I am still learning, still a student, still making mistakes, still absolutely being humbled. I too am growing and slowly discovering my own voice, my own truth, my own path and dreaming up the future I wish to create.

Most of all, I feel a sense of awe and wonder at the mystery of life and deeply grateful for everything that led me here.

I believe that we each have unique gifts to offer the world & our experiences shape us into who we must become…


“You are such an inspiration and source of love and light to me. I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with you. Thank you for being authentically you and for bringing so much joy to my life. You inspire me to live and love more authentically and to be vulnerable, sharing parts of myself I have hidden for most of my life. It’s a slow process but I am learning too.”

-A.Y. London



As a Coach I offer bespoke counsel and guidance to highly-sensitive women in crisis, supporting them to fulfil their life’s purpose with grace, calm and ease.


I believe that it is possible to transform whatever it is holding you back whether it is an old story, trauma, ancestral patterns, unprocessed emotions or daily struggle.

I have navigated my own wounds, despair and disease and because like you I often feel the pain of the world as if it were my own, I understand. I know how to reach into the depths with you and bring back the treasures.


I’m on a mission to uplift and empower women who feel unworthy, overwhelmed, hopeless and lost, because I truly believe that intuitive, empathic women have unique gifts, a divine purpose, incredible insight, creative vision and the kind of compassion that the world needs.

I have dedicated my life to this work and it is my absolute joy to support you on your path.


I believe that we are the alchemists of our own lives and together, we can rise…



“Thank you so much for your insights. I am loving the journey that I am on. I used to think I have issues that need to be solved. Now it feels more like I am just curious to find out more about what teachings my life has to offer me. Thank you for being so open and vulnerable on your journey too, it's really an inspiriation.”

- M.G, Zurich



As a teacher I do my upmost to hold a welcoming space for self-enquiry, embodiment and healing.


I aim to foster community, meaningful connections, emotional understanding and self-regulation.


As a Facilitator I teach weekly public classes in two beautiful London studios and offer women’s circles, workshops and international retreats.

Alongside this I co-run two immersive self-discovery programmes for women: The Path of Yoga, a 6-month course to deepen your practice and Weave, a year long online journey and community for women..

I guide others from my own explorations and share a blend of asana, intuitive movement, women’s self-care practices, Qi gong, ritual, meditation, chanting and breath-work. In all of my offerings you can expect an intuitive blend of this with a backdrop of intentional silence or music that I love.


Whilst I appreciate form and alignment in Yoga, generally I am more interested in how movement feels from the inside and how we are practicing. The highest evolution of this, I believe, is to feel that the practice is a living-prayer and an expression from the heart. 

Most of all I hope to offer a nurturing presence, a sense of calm in the city and the opportunity to cultivate connection to that which matters to you most.

What I share is rooted in my interests and study in Hatha Yoga, Tantric philosophy, Somatic Psychology, Reiki, Shamanism, Earth-based traditions, Sound and Music theory, everyday life, relationships and Love.


I would not be here without the guidance from my own teachers to whom I am eternally grateful.



"Uma is simply amazing. A versatile teacher that with ease manages to get the best out of her students in a way that is supportive, nurturing and fun. She is truly connected with all parts of yoga, the physical and the spiritual and is one of those people that heal with their presence.

A rare, rare gem.”

- AJ, London